Real Money Blackjack

Use Your Computer to Win Real Money Blackjack

You already know your home computer is a powerful tool for rapid global communications, researching information and getting work done. What you might not know, though, is you can turn your home computer or laptop into a world-class blackjack online casino.

So long as your desktop or laptop computer runs current Windows operating systems and popular web browsers, and you have reliable high-speed internet access, you can play the best blackjack online casino games for real money without leaving home. You also need to live in a location where it is legal for you to gamble online.

In the United States, you must be located within Nevada or Atlantic City to play online blackjack gambling for real money. Otherwise, you have to settle for free games that still let you accrue rewards points that you can use for special bonuses at land-based casinos.

Most people living in the UK, Europe, Australia and many parts of Asia and Africa also can play real money blackjack games online. The same goes for those located in South America, Central America and various Caribbean Islands. That all adds up to a lot of potential action when playing blackjack online casino games.

Enjoy Live Online Blackjack Gambling

One of the great things about gambling online is that you do not need to download special software to do it. All you need is a current-generation website browser and reliable high-speed internet service. The online casino takes care of the rest by ensuring its website works flawlessly with your favorite browser.

You don’t spend a penny on special software. And the gameplay is just as fast and fun as you might encounter on the Las Vegas Strip or other popular gambling destination.

Even better: the graphics and sound are outstanding. That enables you to have all the fun and excitement of a live blackjack table, without having to set foot inside a land-based casino.

Many real money blackjack games also feature live dealers and additional players, so you can feel like you are sitting at a live gaming table. Modern technology enables online blackjack gambling operators to provide the same great live action that you can experience on a land-based casino gaming floor.

Blackjack Strategy Lowers the House Advantage

Most blackjack players have to contend with an about 3 percent advantage for the house. That’s because the dealer, who represents the house, does not have to make a play until you do after the initial deal. The dealer also abides by a strict set of rules that simplifies the game and gives the house the best advantage over most players.

Yet, when you take the time to learn blackjack strategy, you can reduce the house advantage from about 3 percent to as low as a half-percent. That 2.5 percent reduction in the house advantage makes a great deal of difference to skilled players and professional gamblers.

Basic blackjack strategy teaches you to not make common mistakes that defeat most blackjack players. The most common is thinking you have to come the closest to 21 without going over to win. Instead, you should focus on beating the dealer’s indicated hand off the deal.

When you know the dealer always hits on a soft 16 and always stands on a 17 or higher, you know how the dealer will play the house’s hand. If you use a blackjack hit chart, you can memorize which card combinations dictate you stand and which ones dictate you ask the dealer for another card.

A blackjack hit chart is just one of many tools a skilled player can use to determine what is the best play to make under particular circumstances. The chart is based upon the best statistical probabilities given the number of decks used and the cards dealt.

In many ways, the blackjack hit chart is similar to the house rules that dictate how the dealer will play the cards dealt. The dealer never makes a play based on your hand or that of any other players’. Instead, the dealer only makes moves based strictly on the cards dealt and the house rules that are based on decades of statistics and probabilities studies to determine the absolute best play at any given time.

Master Advanced Blackjack Strategy

You also can try your hand at more advanced blackjack strategies and plays, like splitting cards, doubling down, buying insurance, or surrendering your hand. The more you know how to use the advanced plays available to skilled card players, the greater the odds of you beating the house on a consistent basis.

Some players also try their hand at card counting. Card counting simply enables skilled players to know when the cards in the deck likely hold a winning combination for bettors. Yet, virtually all online and land-based casinos will ban players they suspect of card counting.

Card counting creates advantages for players at particular times, and the online and land-based casinos discourage it as much as possible. In some cases, players simply are banned from playing blackjack. In other cases, casinos might ban players outright and share their information with others to prevent skilled advantage players from playing any casino games at all.

Get Dynamic Payouts from Real Money Blackjack Games

Once you have mastered your strategy and start profiting from real money blackjack games, you need to collect your winnings. Fortunately, the top online casinos enable you to withdraw your winnings right away and have them deposited in your bank account in as little as a day.

Dynamic payouts ensure the cash gets to you as quickly as possible without risking your personal or financial information. Online casinos have ample security protections in place and constantly upgrade them to ensure the best protections against the latest online threats to personal information and account security.

That makes gambling from your home computer the best way to perfect your blackjack game and stand the best chance of winning money on a regular basis.